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We are here to uncomplicate the stairlift buying process for you and your and family members. Shopping for a stairlift can get complicated when many family members are involved. Our goal is to equip you with the most important stairlift information so that you can help your mom or dad choose one that’s right for them.

Our team of stairlifts professionals will help you choose between straight or curved options based on your stairs and needs. Give us a call today and we’ll put you in touch with local experts that will find the right stairlift for your family.

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  • Straight or Curved?
  • Are my stairs wide enough?
  • Should I buy or rent?
  • Is there a supplier near me?
Straight or Curved?

Whether you need a straight or curved staircase may seem like an obvious choice, but there are reasons for going with a curved stairlift beyond the structure of your stairs. Curved stairlift rails can offer solutions at the bottom or top of the stairs when you have a hallway or need clear space for walking. It is worth speaking to a representative who can work with you to determine the best option.

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Are my stairs wide enough?

It’s rare to see a staircase too narrow for a stairlift. Modern designs can fit onto a staircase as narrow as 28”. Other things to consider include doors near the staircase, and available headroom. A creditable stairlift company will make sure your stairs are suitable before you place your order.

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Should I buy or rent?

Many stairlift companies offer the choice of purchase or rental. If you’re recovering from surgery, it may make sense to rent a stairlift for just as long as you need it. Ask whether a rental plan is available when calling stairlift companies.

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Is there a supplier near me?

Having a local supplier means that service will be quick and responsive should you need it. In addition, a local showroom, if available is a great way to experience a stairlift for yourself. You’ll be able to see what it will look on your stairs, and can also take measurements, photos and videos to share with family. Let us help you find a supplier and showroom near you.

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See What Other Customers Have to Say


It's been a blessing to have the stair lift. I have MS and was worried about going down the stairs to take a shower (because I have fallen down them before) because we have a shower stall downstairs and a bath tub upstairs. The stair lift has made it possible for me to go down stairs for a shower and not need help into the tub any more. Thank you for this little bit of freedom. And Your installation person was very nice and helpful teaching me to use it. It was less expensive than the ones advertised on TV but it is well worth the price, lower or not.

Mr. Chander

It was a very pleasant and helpful interaction with the representative and we are really satisfied with the product.

Ms. Hale

The lift was professionally installed and was explained how to operate in detail. We have had no problems and have very much enjoyed the independence this has given my husband to navigate the second floor of our home.

Sister Valentine

Very happy with my stairlift. It works well, no problems whatsoever. Sales person Was very pleasant and knowledgeable. The installation went smoothly. I am very satisfied.

Ms. Nelson

My husband and I are very pleased with our new stairlift. The installer was thorough, competent and explained the installation process as he went along.

BA Miller

The salesman was wonderful, answering all our questions. The installer was very professional and friendly. AND most important it has given my Mom and Dad the freedom to move comfortably from one floor to another.


Great service and installation, life changing.

Mr. Gionet

A very smooth experience from the initial home visit right through the install. Installation done efficiently with a great looking and functioning stair lift.

Mrs. Baghai

I am extremely impressed with the design, unit quality, and expert workmanship of the installation. I got the unit for my Mom and she could not be more delighted. She especially likes how quietly it operates, gliding up and down the stairs.


Great Company - Professional Sales and Installation. Quick and Efficient - the job was done on time and my 90-year old mother in law is safely going from one floor to another without the worry of her falling down the stairs.


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